The holidays are still a few months away, but this week is the time to start booking your Thanksgiving and Christmas airfare for the best prices.

According to, starting this Wednesday, September 25th, the best availablity and deals for flights around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are on sale.

If you book your Thanksgiving flights between September, 25th and October 27th. This is twenty-eight to sixty days before the holiday. This allows for the best airfare prices available. The closer you get to the holiday, the harder seats are to find and the prices gradually increase. Also, if you fly on Monday before Thanksgiving the ticket prices are the lowest.

When you book your Christmas flights, it is recommended that you book sixty-one to ninety days prior to the holiday for the best prices. That would mean September 26th through October 25th. However, you can still save if you book twenty-eight to sixty days prior to the holiday. According to AAA, Christmas Eve is the best day to travel with light crowds and cheaper flights.

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