Even though the first official day of Spring was last week and the temperatures were still frigid, ice cream stands across CNY, like Bonomo's opened up and surprisingly it wasn't a ghost town!

It was quite comical bundling the family up just to go grab some ice cream but I changed my tune once I saw there were actually lines outdoors and the parking lot was reasonably full (and once I tasted my vanilla cone!) Growing up, my family and I have always been ice cream eaters throughout the winter anyway, but putting hats and gloves on for a soft-serve outing was a first.

The Ice Cream Factory in Chadwicks opened this past Saturday also, but check your favorite ice cream stand's website or Facebook page to make sure they're open before going through all the trouble of piling everyone in the car. If you're not as crazy as we are, the appropriate warmer spring weather will get here in practice. Eventually.


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