A four-month-old cow named Bonnie escaped from a farm in upstate New York back in 2017 while its family was being rounded up to be sent to a slaughterhouse.  For weeks, no one could find her, and just assumed she was gone. That was far from the case. 

According to Animals of Farm Sanctuary, hunters noticed something crazy on trail cam footage. These hunters discovered that Bonnie had been adopted by a family of deer.

Born on a farm in Holland, NY, where cattle were raised for beef, Bonnie spent her early months surrounded by a loving herd of family and friends. As the farmers loaded the trailer, Bonnie seized the first opportunity she had and ran away into the nearby woods."

Maybe you didn't know this, but cattle are herd animals. Once Bonnie lost her original herd during her escape, she searched out a new support system in the wild. Luckily, she found deer who accepted her as their own.

After eight months in the wild, People reports that Bonnie now has a permanent home on a 271-acre farm here in Watkins Glen called Farm Sanctuary.



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