Utica's Boilermaker is receiving some national attention. Competitor.com has added our famous road race to a list of 25 Iconic American Road Races.

The website took a list at iconic 5K, and 10K races all over the county. Of course the Boilermaker was highlighted on this list and it's a 15K. Other races whose distance was farther were nominated as well. Here's what they had to say about the Boilermaker:

One of the top 15Ks in the country has been going for 38 years and counting. The race has plenty of prize money up for grabs ($7,000 for the winners), but you have to earn it—the point-to-point course has challenging hills throughout."

The race also has a massive outpouring of fans along the track. Congrats to the Boilermaker, and the runners who make this event so great.

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