Most viral challenges on the internet are usually harmless. Parents are being warned however to talk to their children about the Blue Whale Challenge. Here's everything you need to know about this dangerous challenge.

According to the Daily Dot, in this challenge players seek out a “master” that assigns them various tasks to complete in a 50-day span. It seems harmless at first because most tasks are considered largely mundane, such as listening to a song or watching a music video. But towards the end the challenge is intended to put the player in a depressive state over time.

Commands gradually grow in intensity, until at last the player is commanded on the 50th day to commit suicide."

So far in the United States, two deaths have been reported. According to the Washington Post, 15-year-old Texas high school sophomore Isaiah Gonzalez committed suicide while livestreaming his death from his cellphone. It was also reported Monday that a 16-year old girl had committed suicide after playing online.

Talk to your children and explain to them that this challenge is very unsafe.



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