Police in Oneida are feeling the love after a simple paint job that meant so much more.

Officers from the Oneida Police Department stepped outside Monday morning to a nice surprise: The Oneida City Sign Department was hard at work repainting the blue lines along the crosswalk that links the department and the city's justice center to the adjacent city hall.

The lines were originally painted last year and as simple as they may seem, they are important to Oneida's police force because they not only commemorate the department's 125th anniversary, but they also show the community's continued gratitude for officers' service.

"Seeing these blue lines repainted, thus showing continued support of our law enforcement officers, is truly an honor," the Oneida Police Department wrote in a post on its Facebook page. "Thank you to everyone for the continued support and encouragement!"

This support and encouragement is something police departments all across Central New York appreciate now more than ever, as they support black communities in the fight for racial justice and show that not all cops are bad.

Courtesy of Whitney Hawley
Courtesy of Whitney Hawley

In June, Sherrif Catalfano, Sheriff Loveless, Trooper White and Trooper Tubbins visited an 8-year-old Cayuga County girl named Naya after she expressed her fear of cops to her mom, Whitney Hawley.

"She looked at me with real fear in her eyes and asked 'Mama will a cop come to my house and hurt me?!??'" Hawley posted on Facebook. "Thank you for HEARING a 8 year olds cry FOR CHANGE...and making her feel safe. I know that’s what most of you signed up for. Today we won a little battle on the war on racism, today kindness and LOVE for humanity prevailed... and once again, I am so proud to call this community our home."

Later that month, Hudson Valley resident Veronica Mayhew posted a video of a 5-year-old boy named Neymar having a dance-off with officers, which instantly went viral on Facebook.

"I’m happy WE could make you smile!" Mayhew posted. "I would love to challenge other officers to join in the #dancebattlechallenge this will probably build a lot of rapport in communities and will bring back some trust and know not ALL officers are bad, right now we need to start a new challenge during this stressful time!"

Photo Credit - Roger Johnston/Captured Momentz Photography
Photo Credit - Roger Johnston/Captured Momentz Photography

Many officers from a variety of Central New York departments, including the Utica Police Department, stood and held signs with protesters after the death of Minnesota man George Floyd.

Thank you to our Central New York officers, including those at the Oneida Police Department who continue to work each and every day to protect our communities.

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