Blake Shelton took his rivalry with Adam Levine to a new level on 'The Voice.' Blake tweeted Adam's cell number and when the calls started rolling in, Adam was surprised Blake actually followed through.


They say you save the best for last. Sisaundra closed out the show with a 'roof blowing' performance of 'Oh Sherry.' There's NO WAY she's going anywhere tonight.

Sisaundra 'Oh Sherry'

Audra McLaughlin

Audra McLaughlin won't be going anywhere either after moving a room with 'You Lie' without moving. She stood center stage and hit notes an 18 year-old has no business hitting. It was definitely enough to keep her around another week, or five.

Audra McLaughlin 'You Lie'

Jake Worthington

Country boy Jake Worthington stuck with his roots, making the King proud, performing George Strait's 'Run.' I don't know if it was good enough to save him this week, with all the other amazing performances. Although fans seem to love Jake and his down home attitude.

Jake Worthington 'Run'

Two more will go home tonight on NBC at 8. My prediction is Tess from Team Shakira and I HAVE NO IDEA! Watch all 10 performances and judge for yourself.

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