NASCAR zoomed back into fans' living rooms (no, not that Zoom) on Sunday (May 17) with the Real Heroes 400, the first race of a cup series at Darlington Motor Speedway in South Carolina. Blake Shelton was excited, thanking the Lord above for the sport's return, but also took the chance to take a jab at his buddy Luke Bryan.

Shelton's pick to win Clint Boyer and his fellow drivers revved up their engines on Sunday for the first time since March (Darlington Motor Speedway President Kerry Tharp has enacted certain protocols in light of the COVID-19 pandemic). Participants were pre-screened for symptoms and temperatures before getting onto the property, and again after they arrived. Additionally, no fans were allowed to watch the race in person, meaning no one was in the stands.

The Voice coach Shelton took that fact and ran with it, virtually poking his American Idol reality rival, Bryan:

It's not clear how many Luke Bryan shows Shelton has seen.

NASCAR drivers at the weekend's race aren't seeing the crowds either, but is possible that this is one sport where the spectators' energy doesn't factor in quite as much to the competitors. With his or her eyes on the road and a pit crews in their ears, drivers have to stay focused. The crowdless, televised race seems like a great compromise to keep fans — like Blake Shelton — happy.

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