The battle rounds have begun on NBC's 'The Voice.' Each judge picks 2 teammates to sing against each other.  Then they decide who stays and who goes.  Blake Shelton's team has gone from 12 to 10 after two battle rounds.  The first was the battle of the country girls.  Adley Stump, the big girl with the big voice and Raelynn, the youngest in the competition with the most unique voice.  Blake chose Tom Petty's 'Free Fallin' for the girls to sing and brought in powerhouse Kelly Clarkson to help Adley and wife Miranda Lambert to advise Raelynn.

Miranda Lambert & Kelly Clarkson Advise

RaeLynn vs. Adley Stump: "Free Fallin'"

Next up was the battle of the rockers with Jordis Unga and Brian Fuente.  They took on the song 'Ironic' and ironically, neither rocked.  And Blake wasn't shy about letting them know what he thought of their performance.

Miranda & Kelly Advise

Jordis Unga VS Brian Fuente

I'm not sure I agreed with Blake's first choice of RaeLynn, but if you watched the first season of 'The Voice,' you know Blake is drawn to unique singers.  Dia Framton and Xenya were Blake's last 2 standing last year and both had a unique quality that America seemed to fall in love with.  As for the second round choice, it was a question of who was the least bad and  Jordis was the obvious choice.

The battle rounds continue next week on NBC at 8.   Go to 'The Voice' for behind the scene videos and blogs.