Talk about a close call. A biker in Rome avoided a crash after being cut off by a car in Rome.

Ricky Magoon and his father took advantage of the nice weather that has finally hit central New York. Both hit the streets of Rome on their motorcycles but nearly crashed after a car cut them off.

Magoon was turning right at a green light when a car turned left in front of his bike, veering into his lane. Luckily Magoon managed to avoid hitting the car. But when he drove by, the driver of the car actually had the nerve to flip him the bird, even though it was HIS fault.

According to the DMV, there were over 4,700 motorcycle crashes in 2014, 142 ending in death. In 2015, our family mourned the death of Michael Oltmann from Waterville who was killed in a motorcycle crash. So be aware. Motorcycles are everywhere.

The Rome Police department is "reminding everyone to look twice and watch for Motorcycles. Motorcycle operators, please stay alert and ride safe."


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