Beware of a man in Oneida, posing as a Spectrum worker.

Sue Tyler says around 8:45 PM on Wednesday, August 23rd a black man in a blue pick up truck stopped in front of her home on Cleveland Avenue in Oneida and turned the flashers on. "I looked out of my locked screen door to see what he was doing as I thought he was going through my trash," Sue wrote on Facebook. "This man walked up the sidewalk and told me he was from Spectrum and asked if he could gain entrance to my home to check my Internet signal."

Sue wasn't having internet problems and knew something was wrong when the man asked for her name so he could report it. "I told him I was not giving him my name and I had not reported a problem."

The vehicle outside Sue's home wasn't a Spectrum van and the man had no identification on him. "I called Spectrum the next morning and they verified this gentleman is not with their company and they didn't have any work crews on my street."

Sue called the Oneida City Police Department and filed a statement. "The officer that came to my house was wonderful. He told me to tell all neighbors and everyone in the city and in outlying areas about this incident."

A friend of Sue had the same experience in Rome but the man was driving a car instead of a truck.

Spectrum Regional Director of Communications Lara Pritchard says customer service is one of their top priorities. "We want our customers to feel confident, safe and comfortable when they’re working with us. The vast majority of our in home visits will be prescheduled, by the customer.  All employees will have visible logo identification, each will also have unique employee identification number; any concerned home owner can call in and confirm the ID of an employee by using this number. Customers can call us to check the status of an appointment, or check online through the My Account tab on our website. Customers can also download our app, which allows easy management of all account activities and home visits."


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