Over the years, I've been to a few Major League Baseball games, from Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium to Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. In my opinion, there's nothing like being there. Baseball on TV can be a slow-moving game, with camera's generally focused on the pitcher/batter, and wherever the ball is hit. But, when you're at the ballpark, you see all that's going on.

What you don't see on TV during a ballgame is all the between-the-innings antics on the field. At the ballpark, you see first and third base coaches giving signals until you think they're making them up as they go along. You see base runners test the pitcher with wide leads. And when a new batter comes up to the plate, you often see the infielders and outfielders shift in or back, left or right.

Of course, the hot dogs, shelled peanuts and beer always taste better at the ballpark, even if they cost three times as much as back home. In my opinion, baseball on TV can be dramatic if there's a pitching duel going on, and exciting if they're blasting homeruns left and right. But, it pales in comparison to sitting in the ballpark and taking it all in.

So, enjoy the new 2013 baseball season on TV or on the bleachers.

Here are some of the antics you would see between innings (that you don't see on TV) when the "Presidents" mascots race during Washington Nationals home games: