When the summer sun brings the heat, we all have our go-to ways to cool down. And this eagle is no different.

The Bald Eagle is America's bird and one of the most fascinating animals to see in the wild. Apparently, when it comes to beating the heat on a hot summer day, this eagle had an idea similar to any other proud American.

Photo by Harald Hofer on Unsplash
Photo by Harald Hofer on Unsplash

Watch this guy chill out in his personal "birdy pool" at the Utica Zoo. Who wouldn't want to jump in the pool on a hot day? This Bald Eagle is living the dream cooling off in a pool only big enough for himself.

Though it's unfortunate the bird doesn't have a massive pool to sit and have drinks by, he's not going to complain having a little something to dip his talons in.

The Bald Eagle isn't the only animal enjoying some fun in the sun this summer. These two artic foxes are having fun playing with their brand new toy at the zoo.

The new toy is actually a form of enrichment for the foxes. "Enrichment" is what the zoo describes as something that promotes species-appropriate behavior among the animals. This toy encourages the artic foxes to hunt for the snack inside. Your dog might even have the same toy at home!

If you're interested in cooling off with a drink this summer, come do it at the Utica Zoo. Their Wine in the Wilderness Event is on Saturday, June 4th. Visit their website or Facebook page for more information.

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