Backroad Anthem say singer Craig Strickland would have wanted them to continue after his tragic death, so they're making the most of their time in headlines by releasing "Torn." The song acts as a tribute of sorts to the late 29-year-old.

It’s not a song written for Strickland, but by him. "Torn" is the title track of the group's EP, released last year. The country-rock song is a polished, melodic heartache song that finds a guy begging a girl to choose between him and another. The pain is palpable as he holds the final note of each chorus. It’s as if he’s venting his frustration out of some bedroom window as he shouts “I’m so torn!” the final time.

"Torn" falls somewhere between Rascal Flatts and Jason Aldean. Tightly-worded verses set the stage for the anguished chorus. This is a radio-ready single that will sound at home between any two on the radio.

Strickland was found dead on Jan. 4, eight days after going missing on Kaw Lake in Oklahoma. His band has pledged to carry on, beginning with back-to-back sold-out shows in their home of Fayetteville, Ark. in January. The recently married singer was one of two lead singers for the band. It’s not clear if they plan to replace him.

Listen to Backroad Anthem, "Torn"

Backroad Anthem, "Torn" Lyrics:

“He calls, you cry / You call me, I drive / I’ll be there in five / Anytime day or night / I’ll hold you till I hurt / You’ll tell me that you’re through with him / And I’ll believe you once again.”

“Cause I can’t walk away like this / But how could I stay for one more kiss / If we ain’t making it as just friends let’s shut that door / I’m so tired of you living this life / Cause you know I ain’t that guy / I can love you baby but I can’t love you more / I’m torn.”

“I give, you take / You smile girl I stay / I put the pieces back in place until he calls you the next day / He makes you think he did no wrong, talks you back into his arms / Leaves both of us just hanging on.”

“Because I can’t live like this / Is it gonna be me or is it gonna be him / I’m worn down and worn out / Tearing apart at the seems / I’m so tired of living this lie / Because you now I ain’t that guy / I can love you baby, but I can’t love you more / I’m so torn.”

Details on Craig Strickland's Death

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