Are you a fan of New York City style delis and grocers? You won't have to travel far to enjoy that taste in Rome New York. Introducing B-52 Bagel And Deli.

Bill Vinci broke the news on Facebook:

We are excited to announce our new project. We are opening a New York City style deli and grocer in Rome, New York. The name of the place will be B-52 Bagel & Deli.

This new local spot will be home of many New York products from across the state. You will find them at the new Air City Lofts located on the former base. The bagels will be supplied by BC Bagels - Binghamton in Binghamton, New York. You will find homemade cream cheeses, bagel sandwiches, and a deli with all sorts of meats. Coffee will be supplied by FoJo Beans, LLC in Hamilton.

We will also have a store, which will hold local products from local businesses throughout the State of New York. Just like what we have built with The Empire Plate, showcasing and highlighting local restaurants in NY, we will be carrying their products all in one location.

So far you will find a local sandwich on the menu, with a pretty cool name. The Smitty is in honor of David Smith, who picked the winning name of B-52 Bagel & Deli. For the great pick, we will be naming a sandwich called The Smitty.

This will be our signature breakfast sandwich originated from Out Of The Way Café it's the B-52 IT'S egg, cheddar, greens, sausage, bacon, and long hots.

We wish them the best of luck, and welcome to Rome.

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