Lily Isaacs from The Isaacs says she considers the band an acoustic Americana-style group that sings gospel music with a mix of not-too-traditional Bluegrass. The band, which is made up of mother Lily and siblings Ben and Sonya Isaacs and Rebecca Isaacs Brown, is making its way to Oneida for the last performance in the Oneida Area Arts Council's 2011-12 winter series. Not only have they released 20 albums and have made countless live appearances, band members have made guest appearances on albums of country stars like Dolly Parton, Brad Paisley and Trisha Yearwood.

Lily Isaacs, a singer in the band, was kind enough to have a conversation with me and talk about her role in The Isaacs, how the band was started and the members' many, many accomplishments.

Lily Isaacs said that the band loves working as a family. "We've been very blessed to have a great relationship," she said. "Of course, like any other traveling band, you come across obstacles, but, we've always been a close family and always managed to get over the hurdles that make us stronger.  But, we love working as a family and we certainly feel like this is what we need to be doing."

The history of the band goes back to the 70s, Isaacs said. She explains how it got stated:

A very interesting part in our interview was when Lily talked about about her daughter Sonya and her son-in-law Jimmy, married to Sonya. She explains that the two of them have had successful careers in country music.

Lily said she was glad that someone recorded her daughter and son-in-law's penned "I'm Going to Love You Through It" and says it was exciting. She also added that The Isaacs will be performing the song Martina McBride sings, at the Oneida show.

As far as coming to New York, this isn't Lily's first time here. She said she grew up in New York City and loves  the state of New York. She did say that this will be the first time in Oneida for The Isaacs band and she said, "we're excited about it." And when asked what we can expect from the show in Oneida, she said this:

Big Frog 104 is giving away tickets to The Isaacs's show in our Rewards Club. Click here for details on how to get those tickets. The performance will be held in the Oneida High School auditorium at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 21.

--Here's The Isaacs with "Yours and Mine"