Shoveling snow can be some amazing exercise. However, it can also cause a ton of injuries. Here's how to avoid many of those common snow shoveling injuries. 

1) Try Some Simple Exercises Before Shoveling

Honestly, just like any other workout, you need to warm up your muscles and stretch. Do some very simple stretches before heading outside to shovel.


2) Dress Warm

Experts say most people don't think to dress in many layers when they shovel. Wear snow boots to avoid slipping, a hat to prevent heat loss, and dress in layers to keep your muscles warm.


3) Remember The Proper Shoveling Technique

The cause of most injuries from shoveling is due to the fact people aren't shoveling correctly. The technique is everything.

- Keep your back straight, bend at the knees, and use the strength in your hips and thighs to lift or push the snow.

- Don’t overload the shovel, especially if the snow is wet, Shapiro says. Wet snow is heavier and increases your risk for injuries.

- Divide the area you need to shovel into smaller sections and push the snow away to reduce how often you lift the shovel.


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