Grab the tissues. This story of an autistic girl believing a bride taking wedding photos in a New York park is Cinderalla will leave you in tears.

5 year-old Layla Lester was in Akron Falls Park Saturday, October 13th when she saw Cinderella and Prince Charming. "Layla loves princesses," says her mom Jessica Lester. "She always has always had a thing for Disney and when she saw them she just had to run over."

Photo Credit: Nicole Wickins Photography

Olivia & Cal Spark were in the park taking wedding photos when they heard a little voice yell "Cinderalla, wait," says Angela Spark, Cal's mother. Layla came running, arms open wide. "She told Olivia she was beautiful and wanted to touch her dress. My son, and daughter in law and their wedding party were moved to tears by this little girl."

Nicole Wickins caught the moment that she said was 'unbelievable. "It had all of us in tears and the groom had the most priceless reaction of everyone."

Photo Credit: Nicole Wickins Photography

Olivia spent time with Layla before leaving and tell her "she had a ball to get to." But the two will meet again. Cinderella and Layla have a lunch date at Arkron Falls Park Tuesday, October 16th.

"She has not stopped talking about Cinderella and going to lunch with her," says Jessica. "Olivia and Cal didn't have to take time out of their special day for Layla. But they did and that kindness has meant so much to her and us. I think in true fairy tale fashion they will be ever after friend."