The Utica Police Department and the Utica City School District will be enhancing security measures at all three of its secondary schools until further notice following an assault at Proctor High School.

Police say a 15-year-old student suffered a small puncture wound to his stomach during an altercation with another student at about 12:30 Monday afternoon.

They say an investigation revealed the injury was inflicted by a small knife that the student possessed.

Police says the student did not require any additional medical treatment other than what was immediately provided by school medical staff.

All of the students involved in the incident were identified and the knife was later recovered.

Official say the students were disciplined to the fullest extent of the Utica City School District’s Code of Conduct, up to and including removal from school.

The UPD's Juvenile Aid Unit has been assigned the investigation and charges will be handled through them.

Due to the ages of the involved parties, they will not be named publicly, however when any charges are filed through Family Court, that will be announced.

Police say it was an isolated incident and at no time were staff or students in any danger.

Utica Police have released the following statement regarding the incident.

"As we have stated numerous times before, the safety and security of the student and staff population is our number one concern as it relates to School District. Both entities worked seamlessly to investigate this incident, and ensure no greater threats existed."

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