Are you kid-ding me? A call of a loose goat in the road turned into a 4 legged car wash for one police car.

Webster Police were dispatched after a call came in of a goat in the roadway. When the officers arrived they found the goat in question along with 7 of his friends. The officer says they somehow escaped their enclosure. "No idea how they got out.. smart animals."

How do you round up 8 loose goats during Winter in Upstate New York? Stand back and watch them use your car as a salt lick. "The goats quickly closed in and began licking the salt off the car."

The goats were rounded up and taken back into their enclosure. "They all got home safely," says the responding officers.

"Unfortunately it's not the strangest this I've seen," says the officer.

I guess that's one way to catch a 'scape-goat.


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