Are you sick and tired of Facebook constantly changing their appearance? It seems like every time we as users get used to the latest update, they change it again. Some of the changes have been major and some have been minor. Some have been convenient and others have been just plain irritating. What do you think?


Here Is A Screen Grab Of The New News Feed


Now, it may seem the same, but there are indeed subtle changes. In the above picture it is a little difficult to see the details of the feed however you can see the slight layout difference, color change and icon differences.

Here Is A Screen Grab Of The Notifications Drop-Down

Andy Cash's Facebook
Andy Cash's Facebook

In this above photo, you can see that there is a definite difference in the icons. Again, the changes are very small, but it makes me ask WHY?

The initial announcement came on Facebook's own Facebook page:


Some of the responses were not too pleasant.

One user replied with the statement,

I'll like it more when you stop showing me pages or people you think I want to know, and stop showing me sponsored ads that take up half my page.

- Casey Phillips

Another user replied with what I feel a lot of people are thinking, 

Facebook, you know people hate change.

- James Vanaselja

My favorite reply was this one:

Has anyone ever liked any of the changes Facebook has made? In an answer......NO. The motto of Facebook seems to be if it isn't broke, we'll fix it until it is. Sadly, Facebook doesn't seem to care what the users think so why do they bother ever asking our opinion in the first place. Not like they are going to read it or even care if they did.

- Brett Griggs

There were not many people who were in favor of the new layout. This is not the first change and most certainly won't be the last.


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