Tuesday nights full supermoon will be the biggest of 2020.

April’s full Moon, commonly called the Pink Moon, is the second of three supermoons this year. It’s also the first full Moon of spring, and the Paschal Full Moon, and will reach peak illumination at 10:35 P.M. EDT on Tuesday, 4/7/2020.

Paschal full moon. Notionally, the paschal full moon refers to the ecclesiastical full moon of the northern spring used in the determination of the date of Easter. The name "paschal" is derived from "Pascha", a transliteration of the Aramaic word meaning Passover. [Wikipedia]

Supermoons are more prominent and brighter than the average full Moon and happen when the 'full' Moon is at its closest point to earth in orbit.

April’s full Moon gets it’s ‘pink’ nickname for springtime blooms like “moss pink,” or wild creeping phlox. Other nicknames include the Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon, and the Fish Moon.

[Information from Farmers Almanac]

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