Another baby giraffe is 'imminent' at the Animal Adventure Park. April is in labor and is close to giving birth for the fifth time.

Teams are at the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville after April showed what appeared to be contractions Monday, March 11. "Every few minutes, April would extend her tail and her back end would bulge an additional couple inches away from the body due to pressure," the Animal Adventure Park shared in the latest Giraffe Watch on Facebook. "Her udders are full. Back end in full swell. Discharge is being observed. Nothing left to do but push."

Everyone was ready for baby #5. Everyone but April. She may be in labor but she's not in active labor yet. Just like when Taraji was born in 2017, April showed signs for weeks, but delivered on her own schedule.

Dr Tim says April is "close." Park owner Jordan Patch says another baby giraffe is "imminent. But the pregnancy is predictably unpredictable."

If you're looking for me, I'll be glued to my computer until this baby comes. I'm not missing a second birth!

You can keep a close eye on April with the live Giraffe Cam or sign up for a text alert when active labor begins. "Active labor is when we see hooves."

The Animal Adventure Park is ready for the new season and is tentatively set to open May 1. If you've never been, you need to make plans this year. It's so worth the trip!

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