Most people love a candy cane or two around the holidays, but would you forgo the mint and sweet of traditional candy canes for a more savory flavor?

That's what the company 'Archie McPhee' is banking on.

They're where you'll be able to score yourself some Mac and Cheese flavored candy canes. But that not the only crazy flavor they're offering.

Archie McPhee is located in Seattle, Washington but ships their crazy creations all over the world(living in the same state as Amazon probably helps).

The Mac and Cheese - their latest creation is yellow and white striped and tastes specifically like 'instant' mac and cheese.

Remember when I said Mac and Cheese isn't the only crazy flavor they have?

They also offer pickle, bacon, gravy and rotisserie chicken!!

Oh and if you really love clams or want to prank someone good, their clam flavored 'clamdy' canes are the answer.

You can learn more about crazy flavored candy canes at

Would you decorate your Christmas tree with mac and cheese candy canes?



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