The much anticipated duck season in New York state has been announced.

The DEC, with the assistance of Cornell University and the Waterfowl Hunter Task Forces, implemented a new process for selecting duck season dates in the four main zones of the state.

The process directly incorporated input from a greater number of duck hunters and recent duck migration and abundance trends to maximize opportunity in each zone.

With no changes anticipated in the federal frameworks for 2020-2021, DEC intends to select the following dates for duck seasons in each zone:

  • Northeastern Zone
    October 3rd - October 25th and October 31st - December 6th
  • Southeastern Zone
    October 17th - November 29th and December 5th - December 20th
  • Western Zone
    October 17th - November 8th and November 28th - January 3rd
  • Long Island Zone
    November 21st - November 29th and December 12th - January 31st
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