When a kayak was stolen from a vehicle in Marcy, the owner thought she'd never see it again. Then, something amazing happened.

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Lori Beaton was pretty upset when she took to social media this weekend to post about the theft of her favorite kayak. The 11' orange and yellow craft was taken from a friend's vehicle. "Some low life loser that needs their hands chopped off stole my kayak off mike’s car last night In Marcy." Lori explained the kayak had sentimental as well as material value. "I’ve had it about 10 years. I’ve put many miles on it. I’ve caught hundreds of fish from it. It means a lot to me."

That post was shared hundreds of times on Facebook, and hundreds more on other social media channels.

Whether it was their conscience, guilt, or the fear of getting caught, Lori was shocked to find her kayak returned two days later.

She says no one saw who returned the craft, but she's thrilled to have it back. Lori says she's sure the social media attention helped lead to its return.

Even though this story starts with something awful, it's good to see the power of social media - or maybe just someone taking the time to think about their actions - led to a positive outcome.


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