Is there anything worse than terrible customer service? It's one of my biggest pet peeves and the best way to have me avoid your business in the future.

For our anniversary we made 6:30 reservations at one of our go-to restaurants for special occasions. When we checked in we were told it would be just a minute. The minutes ticked by as we waited with one other couple for a table. A minute turned into 20 and had us questioning the delay since there were open tables everywhere you looked, employees standing around on their phones and we made a reservation.

Just as we were ready to give up, we were told our table was ready. As we were taken in, the other couple waiting walked out. I guess they were sick of waiting too. It was probably a good thing they did because there was more waiting at the table.

Our waitress took the order fairly quickly and delivered the drinks, but it took some time for the appetizer. The final straw was the long wait for our main meal. It was close to 8:30, our drinks were empty and we still had no food.

It wasn't until we noticed it took another table 30 minutes to get their bill returned after paying with a card that we gave up.

A 20 minute wait after making a reservation; strike one. No explanation or apology for the delay; strike two. The lack of food by 8:30, 2 hours after our reservation; strike three and you're out.

Poor customer service may be one of the reasons there were so many empty tables at a restaurant that once had you making reservations days in advance to get in, especially on the weekend. I guess we'll have to find another special occasion go-to place to enjoy a good meal with good service.


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