When is April the giraffe really going to have her baby? Animal Adventure Park owner, Jordan Patch says a birth is imminent, in an exclusive baby watch update.

"Here we go again," jokes Patch after millions around the world watched and waited for April to give birth in 2017 to Taraji. "It's happening. It's just a matter of when."

April was originally expected to deliver baby #5 in late March but this calf may arrive sooner than expected. "All signs shows us she's ready. We're simply watching and waiting"

Anyone watching on the live giraffe cam will notice movement in April's belly, a lot of leg lifting, shifting weight back and forth and a LOT of eating. "What we want to watch is the tail," says Patch. "That tail is the great indicator of exactly where we are in the process."

The sure sign April is ready is the same as the sign for humans; the water breaking. "We really need that water to break to get contractions going. We'll see the bubble or amniotic sac, followed by hooves."

Get daily April updates on Facebook, watch the live giraffe cam or sign up for the Labor Alert to get a text when active labor begins.  "Active labor is when we see hooves."

Hear the exclusive April the giraffe update from Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch.

You can see the baby giraffe when the Animal Adventure Park opens for the season May 1. "That's give April and her new calf enough time to bond before being introduced to the large crowds expected at the park again this year."

There's over 200 animals at the park in Harpursville, New York. "We just had a baby chinchilla born so we're up to 232 now," says Patch.

If you've never been, you need to make plans this year. It's so worth the trip! Learn more at TheAnimalAdventurePark.com.

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