Angels have replaced the stolen statue honoring a fallen Marine in Rome, not once, but twice.

The angel that was part of a memorial for Mike and Agnes Geary's son Daniel, who died in Afghanistan in 2009, was stolen from their lawn in Rome sometime over the August 18-19 weekend. This past weekend the angels returned. "We received a message from Susan a few days after we shared a post on Facebook about the angel going missing," says Daniel's sister Elise Geary. "She wrote my father to let my mother know they were to expect a package. We've never met her but we are so grateful."

That package arrived the same day angels from the Vietnam Veterans of America brought another statue to honor Daniel. "We had four guys show up to drop it off," says Elise.

Photo Credit: Elise Geary/TSM

"We had made the post about the angel being stolen so we could maybe get it back and to show everyone what had happened," says Elise. "My family didn't expect anyone to replace it, but our community came together and made my parents very happy."

"It warms my heart to see people do care," writes Agnes Geary on Facebook.

The original angel, seen below, is still missing but the new ones will have eyes on them at all times. "We have a camera surveillance on it now."

Photo Credit: Michelle Rossi Morgan

Everyone involved in replacing the angels is a 'Hometown Hero.' Their generosity means more to the Geary family then they could possibly know.

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