As an accomplished newsman, Anderson Cooper is probably used to reporting from volatile parts of the world. But he may have gotten more than he bargained for when a bomb went off during a live report from Gaza City on Sunday.

Cooper was in the process of giving details on the latest casualties from the region when a bomb went off so close to him that he literally ducked for cover.

And yet, Cooper didn't appear rattled at all. "Whoa! Well, that was a rather large explosion," he said calmly. Then, he started to report on the explosion itself, noting that he couldn't determine where it had come from. Some YouTube commenters, by the way, estimated that it was only a quarter mile away.

“That was probably the largest explosion that we’ve heard just in the past hour. There have been a number of explosions in the past hour or two, but that one was pretty loud,” he said.

What would you have done? Personally, we probably would have run for cover, and we're not ashamed to admit it.

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