How in the world is Buffalo the pizza capital of America? With all the amazing pizza options here in Central New York, how does Buffalo get that title?

Also, not to mention, how is New York City not high up on the pizza ladder?

Arthur Bovino of The Daily Beast wrote a blog post recently stating that Buffalo is the pizza capital. He even doubled down, and wrote a book about it!

In his new book, ‘Buffalo Everything,’ Arthur Bovino makes the case that the Nickel City is the ultimate pizza destination."

Bovino has eaten at some of the best pizza joints in America.

But I’m going out on the line and putting a decade of pizza cred built by writing about and visiting hundreds of pizzerias in New York City and across America to say that Buffalo-style pizza is America’s most underappreciated regional style."

Bovino points out that you can’t really find "Buffalo-style pizza" in other cities.

The dough has the lightness of a focaccia, there’s always lots of cheese, and while the sauce does happen to be slightly sweet, that ends up being a nice contrast to the spicy oil pooled in the copious charred, meaty pepperoni."

Buffalo is clearly the wing capital, but pizza, really? Come on now.

You can read his full review and see if you think he makes valid points. I couldn't disagree more if I tried. But that's the beauty of America, everyone can speak their mind.


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