Here's some good news--according to a new survey, Americans are still pretty inspired, "despite the current economic climate and an often gloomy forecast for the immediate future." That, from the recent survey done by Don Francisco's Coffee.

Just how inspired are we? Well, the coffee company asked those participating in the poll to gauge where they are on the "Inspiration Index". What's the Inspiration Index, you ask? It is a scale from 0 to 100--with 0 being "not at all inspired" and 100 being "extremely inspired." And, after tallying up the data of the 1,000 Americans who participated, 66 percent was the score on the Inspiration Index--meaning the people polled "generally feel inspired."

The coffee company's survey also asked, what are the most inspiring activities? With 78 percent of the vote, "relaxing alone" ranked as the number one most inspiring activity. Following that up was "walking and exercising," "hanging out with family and friends," "driving" and "coffee breaks." That's right, those mind-morning coffee breaks ranked as an activity that gives people inspiration.

Do you feel inspired? Using the coffee company's "Inspiration Index," how inspired are you--0 to 100?