A pile of flowers, decorations and American flags in a central New York cemetery dumpster is causing quite a stir. Trisha Kelley says her brother found the trash at Assumption Cemetery in Syracuse and shared the photo on Facebook.

Kelley's parents are buried at the cemetery, along with several family and friends. "My Dad would be furious over the current practice of improperly disposing the flags," she writes on Facebook. "The proper way to dispose a faded, torn or soiled flag is to replace the flag, then respectfully burn the flag and bury the ashes."

Here are guidelines for cemetery procedures from the Catholic Cemeteries.

March 15-31 and October 15-31 are used to clean up grounds and prepare cemeteries for the spring and winter. All decorations will be removed and disposed of at this time. If you wish to save your decoration, remove it before March 15 and October 15. Do not place any decorations during this time. They will be removed and disposed.

Flags are permitted provided they are placed in approved containers and conform to the overall height restrictions not exceed 30 inches, (including container). Flags will be removed when and if they become tattered, faded or unsightly.

"If the flags must be removed they should not be tossed away," says Kelley.

Need to get rid of a flag? Most American Legions have a Flag burning ceremony on Flag Day, June 14th.


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