Amazon plans to build a massive warehouse in the Hudson Valley which should create nearly 1,000 jobs.

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The online retail giant has been eyeing warehouse space in Orange County. Plans are in the works to occupy over one-million-square feet of space in Montgomery, at the intersection of Routes 17K and 747, in the Town of Montgomery, Town of Montgomery Supervisor Brian Maher confirmed last month.

The $75 million project was given the green light by the Montgomery Town Board, Zoning Board of Appeals and Planning Board. Amazon was also granted a 20.5 million tax break to build an over one-million-square-foot fulfillment warehouse in Orange County

"At the beginning of this process in 2018, the original PILOT offered to Amazon included zero new property taxes in the first 5 years of their proposed 15-year agreement. We were able to negotiate an additional $2.7 million into the first 5 years of the newly adopted PILOT and guarantee future support to the Valley Central School District. This PILOT also mandates that 80% of the labor hired will be local workers. In the absence of a PILOT those over 300 jobs would undoubtedly go to cheaper labor from other states who would invade our community and not support local businesses. We have seen this happen on other construction projects," Maher said, according to Residents Protecting Montgomery. "We worked hard on the final version of yesterday’s approved PILOT to maximize the benefit to our community. It is a better PILOT agreement than the taxpayers originally had and moving forward it is my goal to work with our local IDA and the VCSD to put an end to 15-year PILOTS here in Montgomery.

The Amazon warehouse and distribution facility in Orange County would house bulky items like patio furniture and other outdoor equipment. Amazon currently has around 75 warehouses nationwide.

Its believed the Amazon warehouse will bring 800 jobs to the region, the Times Union reports.

“Job and wage growth remain my number one priority and I look forward to seeing Amazon succeed in Orange County. Simply put, Amazon means good-paying jobs for our residents. Amazon is a major employer in the U.S. and will only continue to grow as an economic powerhouse. It will have a huge impact on Stewart International Airport, as a number of Prime Airlines planes will be based out of the airport. I applaud Supervisor Maher for working diligently to get a better host agreement for the Town of Montgomery and look forward to working with him and other community stakeholders on this transformative project.” Orange County Executive Steven M. Neuhaus said to Hudson Valley Post.

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