We all know that FrogFest is the biggest party of the summer. What makes a great party turn to amazing? Delicious alcohol, if you're 21 and older. 

This year for FrogFest 30, we tried to pull out all the stops. We want to make sure you have one heck of a party. Here's a list of what to expect at FrogFest:

1) Budweiser
2) Bud Light
3) Bud Light Lime
4) Mich Ultra
5) Land Shark
6) Shock Top
7) Mighty Swell Watermelon Mint
8) Mighty Swell Mango
9) Mighty Swell Peach
10) Mighty Swell Grapefruit

REMEMBER- Don't drink and drive. Always have a designated driver. Also, don't over do it. Have a few drinks and a good time, but don't get extra sloppy.


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