They’re both legends in their respective musical genres, but aside from that, Alan Jackson and Ozzy Osbourne have never had much in common — until this week, that is.

Songs from the unlikely duo were used to find a missing California boy, eight-year-old Joshua Robb, who slipped through the fence at his school and ran off into the neighboring woods on Monday.

Joshua is autistic, and his father knew that the search team’s efforts could unintentionally backfire by pushing him deeper into hiding, so he suggested that they play a pair of his favorite songs: Jackson’s ‘Good Time’ and Osbourne’s ‘No More Tears.’

Shortly thereafter, Joshua was spotted in a ravine about a mile from where he ran away, and after rescue workers lowered a basket to help lift him out, he was safe — and grateful. “He walked toward them and said, ‘Thank you. You saved me,’” recalled Lt. Rick Els of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

Jackson was unavailable for comment, but when Sharon Osbourne was asked what Ozzy would think of the whole thing, she didn’t hesitate, saying, “He’ll probably start crying because of the picture of that little boy with his school jacket.”

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