I have to say, I love saving money. I am a frugal person, so coupons are the best things for me. I love going into a store and having a full cart, using a coupon and watch the savings that ensue. But, how do you feel about using a coupon on a first date? When is it a good time to use a coupon while dating? According to a new survey, people wait 39 days before they overtly use a coupon in front of the person they are dating.

What's more is that about 33 percent of women polled in the Bookatable Dining Deals survey say it's a turnoff when a guy uses a coupon on the first date.

And, for those men who love using coupons, but don't want their new date to know they are using one on the meal--37 percent of those men stealthily use a coupon on the date.

So, what do you think? Do you think using a coupon on the first date is a turnoff? How many days do you wait before using a coupon when dating a new person?

I must say, I would use a coupon on the first date. If I'm paying, I want to save some money. Why not, right? I would just explain that I love using coupons and I have one to use on the meal. I think that if you approach using the coupon in a funny way, your date won't mind too much.