Brittany Maynard's story is both touching and inspirational. Brittany was suffering from terminal brain cancer and on November 1st, 2014 she decided to end her own life.

Brittany's symptoms started a little while after her wedding day. She was suffering from inexplicable headaches and they would not go away. That is when she finally went to the doctor and found out the terrible news, she had less than 6 months left to live. Shortly after receiving the diagnosis, she moved with her family to Oregon to be able to utilize the state's "Death With Dignity Act."

Her story went viral and the feedback was both negative and positive, but staying true to her desires, her strength, and her rights she stood firm and would not let anyone who discouraged her affect her last days of life.

In a short video titled "A New Video for my Friends" via the CompassionChoices YouTube page, she delivered one last message to those who followed her story.

What a wonderful person. She not only did what she felt was best for her and her family, but she included her family in the decision making process. Further still, a lot of credit goes to her family for being so supportive and going through this together. This story is truly remarkable and though the topic may be controversial, human dignity is always the best option.

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