Students, faculty and staff at Hamilton College are being asked to keep an eye out for anything suspicious after a reported abduction attempt near the campus.

According to alerts sent from Hamilton College, a woman walking on College Hill Road was approached by a male dressed entirely in black who threatened her. When the female screamed, the man ran off toward the Village of Clinton, the alert said. The female was a member of the community but not associated with the college, according to the alert, which also said the incident had occurred around 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning. 

Another alert sent from the college said New York State Police had taken the lead in the investigation and notified the college community that authorities were focusing attention on the ''...Halfway House, which is the small stone structure on the left located halfway down College Hill Road toward the flashing light at Route 233. Please avoid that area,'' the alert read.

Further, the notification said Kirkland PD, Oneida County Sheriff's and State Police would be increasing patrols on campus. To report something suspicious, contact Campus Safety at (315-859-400), the alert read.


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