The only thing more adorable than a sloth, is a baby sloth. One was just born in Central New York.

See the cutest addition to The Wild Animal Park in Chittenango. "We are so excited to welcome a baby sloth to The Wild," the park shared. "Mom and baby are doing great. You can see them in our admission building."

Credit - Wild Animal Park

The sloth isn't the only baby at The Wild Animal Park. Central New York is about to see the first giraffe calf. Jasmine is pregnant and expected to give birth in July or August, just in time for the summer crowds.

Photo Credit - Wild Animal Park

The park opened Saturday, April 17 for the 11th season and there is lots of new things to see and do. There's a game room with an arcade and new bounce houses.

Credit - Wild Animal Park/Jeff Taylor
Credit - Wild Animal Park/Jeff Taylor

There's a new exhibit the bears seem to love.

There's also lots of events planned for the summer season including, a scavenger hunt, Sensory Friendly nights, Flashlight Safaris to enjoy the park in the dark and Big Cat week.

The Drive Thru Safari will open on May 15 with new animals, new events and a whole new experience to The Wild.

Get more information on all events coming this season, as well as hours and tickets to the park at

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