One Adirondack couple got up and close with a moose on a drive recently. The moose was a huge fan of the couple too.

NYUpstate reports that Cheryl McCarger and her husband, Jim Sorrell, were driving along Route 374 near Chateaugay Lake around the Franklin/Clinton county line, when the incident occurred. The couple was on a straight stretch of the road when they spotted the moose, that they thought was a person:

"At first I thought it was a slender man with black pants and a black sweatershirt, which I thought was odd, particularly since it was 90 degrees out," McCargar said. "As we got closer, we saw that another car coming the other way had stopped with its blinker lights on -- and it was then that we realized it was a moose.""

The moose got so close, the couple could practically touch it.....which they didn't of course. If the moose steps into the middle of the road and stops, there isn't much you can do. If you're ever in this situation, DO NOT get out of your car. Moose are usually non-aggressive but they can be unpredictable.


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