'A Tiny Home For Good' is a non-profit organization that creates safe, affordable permanent homes for Veterans in the Syracuse area who struggle to find permanent housing.

Andrew Lunetta founded 'A Tiny Home For Good' in 2015 with the goal of using vacant space around Syracuse to build 'tiny homes' that would be simple for homeless Vets to use.

The homes are 300 square feet - just a little bigger than an average garage - and they have all the amenities of a regular-sized home including bedroom, full kitchen and a full bathroom.

Rent is around $300 per month, and 'A Tiny Home For Good' pays the utilities for one year before the new tenant takes over.

You can learn more about the project in the video from Syracuse.com below:

Find out more about 'A Tiny Home For Good' at ATinyHomeForGood.org.


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