Take a peek at the world’s largest outdoor restaurant in New York.

To help the smaller restaurants make up for the devastating impact of COVID-19, The Beekman Boys opened up their Sharon Springs farm for a once in a lifetime outdoor dining experience.

There are 5 tables spread across the 60 acre farm for plenty of room to social distance. "Even though there were many requests from groups of friends that wanted to do the experience together, we did not feel this was safe or in keeping with the spirit of social distancing," said the Beekman Boys.

Staging benches have been placed 6 feet away from each table so the staff always maintained distance from those dining.

Photo Credit - Beekman 1802 Boys

The outdoor dining experience wouldn't have been possible without help from the community. From the rental company that provided tables and settings to the restaurants that provided a fixed menu.

Photo Credit - Beekman 1802 Boys

Tables are scattered across the farm giving each guest an experience like they had the whole farm to themselves.

Photo Credit - Beekman 1802 Boys

After the meal, guests are free to wander the property and the gardens. Farmer John even brings some of the goats into the grazing field for viewing.

Photo Credit - Beekman 1802 Boys

The unique experience is so successful it may be hard to reserve a table. "We now have a waiting list of several hundred couples," said the Beekman Boys. "But our true hope is other communities around the country might be inspired to do something similar."

To be on the waiting list for future intimate experiences on the farm, email customerservice@beekman1802.com

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