The herd of 75 buffalo on the loose in New York are slowly making their way back home.

The animals escaped from their home in the town of Sharon in Schoharie County after breaking through a gate. Owner Brian Grubb found the buffalo and has been feeding them. "They all seem pretty calm. They're in good shape. Nobody's bothering them," he says in a Facebook video.

The herd has been having a field day while on the loose, grazing in neighboring farmer's fields. "We're working hard to bring them home. We're not far from home right now. So if people will be patient," Grubb urged.

Home is on Bison Island, consisting of former dairy farms with over 400 acres. 160 acres is fenced pasture for the herd, that Grubb says comes when called, and more acreage is being added as the herd grows. "Mostly these guys just need to be left alone. They need their space. Eventually they will find the rest of the animals at home," promised Grubb.

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