Boys often dream of being a police officer, firefighter or even a race car driver. All Mike Racquet wanted to be was a dairy farmer. The Blossvale man is just shy of 25 and he's already living his dream, building his farm from the ground up.

Mike and Amanda Burkle got the farm up and running just this past September, thanks to the generosity of other farmers who helped with land and cattle. The couple tends to the daily chores of milking about 20-some head of cows, mostly Jersey's, starting at 5 am because like most farms, they both have other full time jobs.

It's feeding time first and it's all done by hand. From carrying the heavy flakes to each stall to shoveling the brewers grain, that is not only heavy but has a stench unlike anything you've ever smelled.

Even after 4 years of Farm Hands, we still learn something every time we visit a farm. At the Racquet Farm it was "Stripping," "Bumping a calf" and not all calves know how to drink from a pail. See the action, including the calf who almost drowned himself in the above video.

Farm Hands is presented by White's Farm Supply and Kubota.


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