You don't have to be a hunter to appreciate the beauty and majesty of deer around Central New York. And most of us have seen our fair share of them darting in front of our vehicles at all hours of the day. But sometimes they can get themselves in the strangest predicaments.

A recent report from the DEC regarding a deer caught in a gate, got us to thinking about all the similar stories we have seen. Here are 9 pictures to make you wonder, "what where these animals thinking?"

Deer trapped in gate

Deer trapped in a gate at home of the Rochester Red Wings baseball team..

Deer Bucket on Head

Deer with a Halloween pumpkin bucket stuck on its head in the town of Putnam Valley.


Deer in Well

Deer trapped in a Water Well/Supply Tank in the town of Amenia.


Deer in Poultry Fence

A buck with its antlers entangled in poultry fencing in the town of Rochester.


Deer in Batting Cage

A buck entangled in a batting cage net in the town of Riverhead.


Deer Jumps Through Rear Windows of Car
Roger Johnston/Captured Momentz Photography

Deer leaps through both rear windows of a car while it's owner was driving.


Photo Credit - YouTube via CBS News
Photo Credit - YouTube via CBS News

Deer crashes thru salon's window, leaves with hair straightener caught in antlers.


Poland School Deer

Fawn somehow fell down the escape hatch at Poland Central School.


Deer Inside Cooperstown Price Chopper
Alyssa Erickson McGoldrick

Deer browsing the produce aisle at Cooperstown Price Chopper.

All these stories come with happy endings. The deer were freed from their predicaments by Conservation Officers and all returned to the wild. Here's a bonus video of a deer crashing through the window at Denny's in Rome.

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