Where are you from? If you say New York, the response is usually the same. Here's 7 things New Yorkers always hear when asked where we live.

"Oh God I'm sorry"

Sorry? We don't live in prison.

"People from New York talk fast"

We don't talk fast. You talk slow! Pick up the pace. We've got places to be and people to see.


The list is long but our 4 seasons are hard to top. Skiing and snowmobiling in the Winter. Hiking and swimming in the Spring and Summer. The best foliage in the country in the Fall.

Autumn Day at Sunset Rock
Photo Credit - lightphoto/Think Stock

Damn Yankee

A Yankee is someone who moves from the north to the south. If we still live in New York, which last time I checked, was WAY north, how can we be a Yankee? Adding the damn is adding insult to injury. Damn Redneck!

"You have a weird accent"

ACCENT?! We're not from Brooklyn or Boston. And how about the South? Have you heard a Texan or Louisianan?

Have you seen the Statue of Liberty

In pictures. Most New Yorkers, especially in central and upstate, have never even been to the Big Apple.

Photo Credit - Purestock/Think Stock

And the thing we hear ALL THE TIME.....

"How does it feel to live in the big city"

THERE IS WAY MORE TO NEW YORK THAN THE CITY and we're sick of saying it. We have rivers, mountains and wide open spaces where you can actually see the stars.

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