Kane Buss may be gone but he's far from forgotten. 6 year-old Jackson Peters, who lived next door to his "best friend," wanted a place to sit and think about Kane and make sure his memory lived on. With the help of Jackson's family, a bench will now sit on the playground at North Broad Elementary.

Buss attended North Broad and loved to play outdoors. Since Jackson goes to the same school, there was no better place for the bench. And there was no better way to unveil it then with a speech Jackson wrote about his best friend.

"Kane Buss was like a brother to me. He was my best friend. He was a great young man. And even though he is not here, we can still honor him, by giving this bench to North Broad for the playground. Kane worked hard and played hard. He should always be remembered!"

Kane was tragically killed in a drunk driving accident January 18th, 2015 but his spirit is felt all over central New York. From trees planted at Destiny USA, the scene of the crash, and Oneida High school to memorial funds and scholarships. The Oneida Police Department even made Kane an honorary officer.

"We all go to the tree at the high school for holidays and birthdays," says Jackson's mom Jen Peters. "I am excited he will be able to visit Kane every day at the bench now since it's within walking distance of the house."

Toby Keith and Darius Rucker both honored Kane, wearing his bracelet on stage when they performed in central New York.

Jackson talked with Tad & Polly about his friend Kane Buss, and how he's keeping his memory alive.


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