Looking for a haunted hotel and a haunted inn in New York? There are plenty to choose from! Here's a list of six to check out and investigate. 

Empire Hotel of the lost village of Delta

The former grand Empire Hotel from the village of Delta is now known as Liberty Hall in the town of Western. It's actually used as the official town hall. While the hotel may now bear little resemblance to the former hotel, it hasn't lost any of it's ghostly encounters. There are plenty of reported activity throughout the building most nights.


Little Sisters Inn at Herrings

New York Shadow Chasers
New York Shadow Chasers

Little Sisters Inn at Herrings is the former Herrings Inn at Carthage. Reports of apparitions wandering the halls, moved objects, phantom noises and corner of the eye apparitions have all been reported at this location.


The Collinwood Inn In Oneida aka The Farnam Mansion

Farnam Mansion
Phil Nye/TSM

The former Inn in Oneida has been the host of several paranormal investigations. Several shadow figures have been seen near the main parlor area. Unexplained footsteps and voices have been heard coming from the bedroom, a light anomaly on the second floor, and numerous intelligent responses via a PX device and voice recorders have been heard.


Brambles Inn in Potsdam

The Bramble Inn dates back to 1861. In 1987, several renovations seemed to have stirred up some ghostly activity. Guests have reported seeing a threatening female spirit is said to bang on doors and moan and scream during the night.


John Hoover Inn in Evans Mills

The John Hoover Inn is a bar/restaurant in downtown Evans Mills. Many report hearing voices and music without any explanation. Is it ghostly visitors from the past?


Hotel Utica in Utica New York

With all of the prominent figures that have stayed in the Hotel Utica, as well as all of the parties and events thrown there, it is not surprising that rumors swirl that the Hotel Utica is haunted. There are reports of seeing a man in a tuxedo who then disappears, and sounds of a party wafting from an empty ballroom. Some employees describe accounts of hearing conversations held in empty rooms, and many report fleeting glimpses of the ‘tuxedo man.’


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