You may have seen some of the year’s hottest costumes and decided they’re not for you. Maybe you’re someone who goes for the classics like vampires or ghosts. Or maybe you’re just a history buff who simply wants to pay homage to your favorite bygone era, but you’re stumped for ideas.

Search no longer. The artistically-gifted folks at DailyInfographic are giving you an assist. They put their heads together with retailer HalloweenExpress to create this very cool visual representation of centuries of costumes and their inspiration.

Beginning with Queen Elizabeth in the 16th Century and working its way through the ‘Angry Birds’ of today, the infographic features more than a dozen iconic costume ideas — and fun factoids about the time period for each one.

Check out 500 years of costume ideas below. (Check below for the original and see the infographic in all its full-sized glory.)


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